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Aluminium Window

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows offer exceptional quality when it comes to performance and design. They can transform the design of any home whilst adding value to the property, making it a warmer, brighter & safer place to be.

The slim profiles of Aluminium means more light and less frames, which provides a sleek and contemporary appearance. 



Aluminium is much stronger and more durable than PVC. Due to it's low density metal, it can hold frames that are thinner, sleeker and larger too.


Aluminium is more expensive than PVC, approx. 50% more however it is looked upon as a long-term investment. Thanks to its high energy efficiency you will notice a reduction in energy loss.


Thanks to it's robustness, Aluminium offers extremely high levels of security and has superior strength to withstand any attacks. 


Aluminium windows are thermally broken and exceed u-value targets, outperforming PVC. The materials used have a very high resistance to heat transfer, preventing it becoming a source of heat loss. 


Aluminium windows are much more robust than PVC & highly resistant to corrosion & weathering. With proper maintenance & care, they can last nearly twice as long as PVC.


Whilst colour choices on PVC often a range of foil options, Aluminium allows a powder coating of any RAL colour of your choice, allowing you to create a truly bespoke addition to your home!

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