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Fensa Approved Installer

Wokingham Glazing Ltd is a FENSA Approved Installer which means when the work's complete you will get a FENSA certificate. 

This proves your installation complies with building regulations, is energy efficient, is registered with your local council and verifies that our warranty is insured.

We are also members of the GGF - The Glass & Glazing Federation, the industry's main trade federation

Fensa Registration Number: 40148

GGF Registration Number: A3408


Why Do I Need a FENSA Approved Installer?

Only a FENSA approved installer can give you a FENSA certificate once the work's complete. It's all the proof you need

that your installation.......

Complies With Building Regulations​​

All replacement windows & doors in England & Wales must comply with building regulations, by law. A FENSA approved installer is proven to comply

Is Registered with Your Local Council

Installations must be registered and its your responsibility to ensure they are. As a FENSA approved installer, we do that for you

Includes a Warranty That Is Insured

FENSA approved installers will always guarantee your installations and back them with insurance to protect you. This is also known as an IBG (Insurance backed guarantee). We use Installsure; FENSA's recommended partner.

Gets a FENSA Certificate that is essential When Selling Your Property

Buyers and their solicitors will want to know your installations are compliant and professional, with proof to back that up

Has Been Fitted Professionally

Not only is it satisfying to know your installation is professional, it can save you from costly repairs

upvc window

To learn more about FENSA visit

Insurance Backed Guarantee

Wokingham Glazing is also a member of InstallSure, who are our IBG provider. When your installation is complete, you will receive a 10 year Workmanship Guarantee from us direct, along with a 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee provided by Installsure. Policy documents are sent out to homeowners following the registration of works once installation is complete.

Wokingham Glazing Ltd Member Number: 19293


Why Do I Need an IBG?

A Fensa certificate will only be issued if the installation is backed by an Insurance Backed Guarantee

Your installation will be covered by an insurance policy in the event that our company ceases to trade.

If there was a problem with the installation that would otherwise have been resolved by our Workmanship Guarantee, a claim can be submitted to Installsure under your policy, which is valid for 10 years from the date of installation. 


​To learn more about InstallSure visit

Deposit Protection

We can also offer deposit protection through our IBG provider. This covers 25% or up to £6,250 in the event that we cease to trade prior to the works being carried out. (Available on request).

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